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MOSTLYFILM: Celebrating Soderbergh

This is the original still from Schizopolis that I submitted to MostlyFilm along with my piece. For some reason, the piece's editor theTramp decided to go with something infinitely ruder. I'm not complaining, you understand.I'll keep this short, as I usually do when I've got a group piece on MostlyFilm to plug. (After all, it seems a bit much to write a thousand or more words of backup material like I did here when I only contributed five hundred or so to the original article.)

Anyway: Steven Soderbergh has a new film out, and here's its trailer. He technically stopped directing films five years ago (although during that time he directed two complete seasons of a TV show to keep himself occupied), but now he's back. In Celebrating Soderbergh, a bunch of the MostlyFilm regulars have picked one of his films and written about it. I went for Schizopolis, probably one of the oddest things he's ever done.

Need reminding what those films looked like? Well, that's why there's a video playlist down there.

Here's the playlist:

  1. sex, lies, and videotape, reviewed by theTramp. "They were never more than fairy tales and SLVT was anything but."
  2. Schizopolis, reviewed by me. "He knows how self-indulgent a movie this is, and he doesn’t care."
  3. The Limey, reviewed (sorta) by Max Fischer. "Remember DVD commentary tracks? Remember DVDs?"
  4. Out Of Sight, reviewed by Mr Moth. "I know Babe 2 has its fans, and is held in high regard by some, but I didn’t want to see it."
  5. Ocean's Eleven, reviewed by theTramp. "So note perfect it hurts. There isn’t one actor you feel is wasted here."


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