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Spank's LFF Diary: The Wrap Party 2017

Dear Clare. Liked the new postcards for 2017. Next year, can we have one that says CHUNDER too? Best wishes, Spank xAs noted elsewhere, I saw a total of 39 things at the 2017 London Film Festival. And using the now-infamous programme category system (this year commemorated with a set of free postcards), here's how they break down:

- Headline Galas: 1
- Flare Special Presentation: 1
- Official Competition: 1 (not the winner, that was Loveless)
- First Feature Competition: 1 (not the winner, that was The Wound)
- Documentary Competition: 1 (not the winner, that was Kingdom Of Us)
- Love: 3
- Debate: 1
- Laugh: 4
- Dare: 5
- Thrill: 5
- Cult: 3
- Journey: 6
- Create: 5
- Screen Talks: 1
- Uncategorised VR Events: 1

So, apparently, the sort of things I like best are "films to transport you and shift your perspective," a description so woolly they didn't even make a postcard for it. As for which individual films were the best and worst, I'll tell you that in a few paragraphs time. First up, though, here's The Belated Birthday Girl to tell you about what she liked. Including a spectacular video bonus!

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Collabfest 2017

If you don't want to be spoiled, don't count the number of beer glasses in this picture.I won't lie to you, it's all been a bit one-track around here this month. That's always the case when it's a festival month, whether it's Edinburgh or London Film. The latter finished last week, and there's still a little more writing to be done on the subject, which should be with you soon. But in the meantime, I'd understand if you were looking for some sort of break after a few dozen movie reviews in a row.

So how about a few dozen beer reviews in a row? Would that work for you? No? Well, tough.

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