Simian Substitute Site For December 2017: Jane

MOSTLYFILM: Netflix i Chłód

Karol Kopiec. It's explained in the article, honestly.The whole internet loves MostlyFilm, a lovely website that loves everything apart from late period Steven Moffat!

*7 years later*

We regret to inform you the website is dead

It was a good run, let's be honest. When a bunch of refugees from Film Unlimited (including myself) first floated the idea of running our own movie blog back in 2011, we had no idea how long we could sustain it. It's amazing looking back at those first posts and realising that between us, we were churning out five new pieces of content every week. It took quite a long time, but gradually that enthusiasm wore off: the frequency dropped off to three posts a week, and then irregularly, while the editor's task of coordinating all the people involved became less and less fun.

For the last couple of months, the site has been kinda just been sitting there while we've been batting around a few ideas for a reboot, and eventually coming to the conclusion that we're more or less spent. A lesser website would have just pulled down the shutters at that point and walked away. We, however, are not a lesser website. We are Europe's Best Website. And so, over the next three weeks (taking us into the start of 2018), MostlyFilm will see one final burst of activity - a series of posts looking back on the last seven years, wrapping up a number of our ongoing series, and continuing to do things that you wouldn't expect from a site that's mostly about film.

And on the topic of doing things that you wouldn't expect, this lap of honour starts with a piece of mine called Netflix i Chłód, in which I review the half a dozen Polish stand-up comedy specials available on Netflix. The prospect of providing Red Button Bonus Content for that is a little daunting, but I'll see what I can do.

You'll notice that the official title of the article is Monoglot Movie Club Special: Netflix i Chłód. To be honest, that was the editor's decision - I suspect he thought that content this obscure needed as much help from my brand recognition as it could get. Myself, I don't see it as an official MMC post, simply because the programmes I'm reviewing all have English subtitles, and Monoglot Movie Club will be getting its own proper sendoff in a couple of weeks anyway. As I said at the time: can you imagine what it would have been like if I'd been trying to understand Polish standup comedy without subs?

Well, you don't need to imagine it, because that's what you're getting in the playlist below. I've put together a series of five-minute clips from each of the thirteen standups involved in the Netflix specials. (Many of them come from a YouTube channel called 20 Stand-upów, and apologies in advance if their tinny opening jingle really starts to get on your tits after a while.) If you've got an hour or so to kill over the Christmas period, why not see if you can figure out what all these people are talking about? Offer does not apply to Polish speakers.

  1. Rafał Banaś
  2. Rafał Pacześ
  3. Rafał Rutkowski
  4. Mariusz Kałamaga
  5. Michał Leja
  6. Karol Modzelewski
  7. Łukasz „Lotek” Lodkowski
  8. Karol Kopiec
  9. Tomasz Jachimek
  10. Jacek Stramik
  11. Olka Szczęśniak
  12. Katarzyna Piasecka
  13. Wiolka Walaszczyk


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