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Living For The Weekend: A 2021 Diary By The BBG

More food mama / Give us more food mama / Give us prawn ring mama / Give us anything mama / Thank God my mum has gone to Iceland / AgainNo refunds will be provided for the 2020 diary, I'm afraid. Maybe you could consider buying a 2021 diary and seeing if that works out better for you?

It's that (late) time of year again, as we announce the publication of Living For The Weekend: 2021 Diary, the tenth volume in the series created by The Belated Birthday Girl. As was the case with the previous nine editions, it's a pocket diary presenting a full week across each double-page spread, but with more space dedicated to Saturday and Sunday because that's when all the fun stuff happens that you want to make a note of...

...well, that's the theory. We both appreciate that 2020 was a year with not that much fun in it, and things aren't likely to improve magically on 01/01/2021. This, of course, makes the project aspect of the diary trickier than usual: the two pages near the back with a dozen blank spaces to fill over the year as you achieve a specific task. Last year, the project was to attend twelve gigs by artists we knew nothing about, and you can imagine how well that went - the two shows we got to before the country was locked down are both documented here.

When the time came for The BBG to come up with a new project for 2021, she asked me for ideas, and I pessimistically replied 'maybe you should just ask people to do twelve things.' However, she's improved on that basic idea superbly: she's suggesting that for 2021, you should try to do twelve things that you couldn't do for most of 2020, and document them in the back pages of the diary. With luck, those two pages will become an actual picture of a return to some sort of normality. She always says that I'm the optimistic one of the two of us, but sometimes she proves herself wrong.

Anyway, you know the deal by now: full colour cover, 120 pages, still no travel map included, £3.99 plus shipping. You won't be able to get it in time for January 1st, but luckily 2020's diary goes up to January 10th so you've got a bit of leeway. Click the image below to buy it.

That's it, click here


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