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Spank's LFF Diary: The Wrap Party 2021

When I was going on the other day about all the different formats of the London Film Festival 2021 trailer, with their 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios, it turned out that I'd missed one: the 9:16 version used on electronic poster sites, like the one outside the entrance to BFI Southbank. (Yes, that's what it sounds like outside BFI Southbank on a Sunday night nowadays.)

Anyhoo: the festival's over now, so this is probably the last chance I'll have to watch that trailer, having already seen it before the vast majority of the 35 events I attended this year. (Fun fact: only five of those events are in the trailer.) Taking Clare Stewart's programme categories for my usual overview - and given the latest news, let's see if the same categories start appearing in Sheffield DocFest 2022 - I saw...

Galas - 0
Special Presentations - 6
Official Competition - 0
First Feature Competition - 2
Documentary Competition - 3
Love - 4
Debate - 1
Laugh - 1
Dare - 1
Thrill - 1
Cult - 0
Journey - 3
Create - 2
Experimenta - 2
Shorts - 2
Expanded - 2
Family - 0
Treasures - 3
Events - 2

A lot of Special Presentations this year - as The BBG has noted, a smaller programme probably means that a higher proportion of the big films are counted as Special. But which were the goodies, and which were the baddies? I'll tell you in a bit. First off, though, here are a couple of the regulars to give you their thoughts.

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Spank's LFF Diary, Monday 18/10/2021 (Cineaste The Bonus Page)

(Yes, I know I said the festival was over yesterday. However, The Cineaste had a busy weekend, and the last of his reviews only came in this morning, so I've given him a page of his own for the final batch: the ones that were originally attached to yesterday's page, plus some bonus lesbian nun action. Therefore...)

Reviewed today: A Banquet, Benedetta, King Richard, Prayers For The Stolen, She Will, Shepherd.

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