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London Film Festival 1989-2022: An Index

Because Films Inspire... some sort of hideous trainspotter impulse, apparentlyI started going to the London Film Festival in 1989, and I've been there every year since. Thanks to a combination of Spank Gold articles (after-the-fact writeups of the 1989-1997 festivals), reposts (pieces written for the old site between 1998 and 2005) and live blogging (since 2006), I've got a record of every single film I've seen at those Festivals.

Trying to pick your way through all of those is obviously going to be hellish, hence the index below. Similar to the equivalent index I've assembled for the Edinburgh Festival, each year links to the relevant piece on that particular LFF, including a roughly chronological list of what I saw (plus, of course, any additional films reviewed by Spank's Pals). As a bonus, you get a thumbnail-sized history of programme cover designs.

This will be updated each year after the LFF, so most of the time this page should be resident at the top of the LFF folder on the site. Have yourselves a good old browse through, and try not to think too hard about how much the tickets for all this lot have cost me over the last couple of decades.

[updated 17/11/2022 to include 2022 reviews]


Recollections Of The Yellow House, Fellow Traveller, Icicle Thief, Safety Last, When Harry Met Sally, A Dry White Season, The Philosopher (aka 3 Women In Love), Eat A Bowl Of Tea, Zero City, Fountain, God's Will, Diamond Skulls, Plaff, A Private Life, Bye Bye Blues, Cinema Paradiso, American Stories, Tapeheads, Santa Sangre, Mystery Train, Conquest Of The South Pole, Monsieur Hire's Engagement, Summer Vacation 1999, Earth Girls Are Easy, Dark Woods, Bearskin, Jesus Of Montreal, Last Exit To Brooklyn, Sophisticated Lady, Completely Pogued, Casualties Of War, Back To The Future 2, Il Maestro, Leningrad Cowboys Go America, Monkey Shines, Romuald And Juliette, Guardian/AIP Seminar, The Thief Of Bagdad, Surprise Film (Sea Of Love), The Kill-Off, Romero, A Short Film About Love, An Enemy Of The People


A-Ge-Man, Metropolitan, Pump Up The Volume, To Forget Palermo, The Schoolmaster, Raw Nerve, Life Is Sweet, The Edge Of The World, No Fear No Die, The Nasty Girl, Henry And June, A Terra-Cotta Warrior, Creative Process: Norman McLaren, Cyrano De Bergerac, Vampire's Kiss, Seven Minutes, British Animation, International Animation, I Hired A Contract Killer, Miller's Crossing, Made In Brief, Caesar And Cleopatra


City Of Hope, Escape From The Liberty Cinema, The German Chainsaw Massacre, Valmont, Merci La Vie, Betty's Brood, Domo Arigato, Delicatessen, Slacker, Once Upon A Time In China, John Lasseter, The Sect, Secret Friends, British Animation, International Animation, My Own Private Idaho, Frankie And Johnny, London Kills Me, Animation At The Cutting Edge, Afraid Of The Dark


Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, Die Zweite Heimat 1-3, Die Zweite Heimat 4-7, Academy Film Archive Animation, Blast 'Em, Nicolas Cage Guardian Interview, A Winter's Tale, Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth, Hard-Boiled, Wild West, Army Of Darkness: The Medieval Dead, Once Upon A Time In China II, Swordsman II, Leon The Pig Farmer, Surprise Film (Death Becomes Her), British Animation, International Animation, Schtonk!, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me, Cold Heaven, Reservoir Dogs, Zombie And The Ghost Train, Bohemian Life, Braindead, Blade Runner: The Director's Cut


The Remains Of The Day, La Fille De L'Air, Sonatine, Twenty Bucks, Tim Roth Guardian Interview, Saviours Of The Forest, The Wicked City, Genghis Cohn, A Bronx Tale, Snake Eyes (Dangerous Game), Fear Of A Black Hat, Between The Teeth, The Line The Cross And The Curve + The Wrong Trousers, Fong Sai Yuk, '92 The Legendary La Rose Noire, Robert Altman Guardian Interview, Surprise Film (The Age Of Innocence), The Northerners, White Angel, The Hawk, Wild Target, Andy Garcia Guardian Interview, Farewell My Concubine


Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Grosse Fatigue, Midnight Movie, Chungking Express, Muriel's Wedding, S.F.W., Eat Drink Man Woman, The Savage Pencil, The Most Terrible Time In My Life, Shallow Grave, Organised Crime And Triad Bureau, Mrs Parker And The Vicious Circle, Heavenly Creatures, Natural Born Killers, Rock 'N' Roll Cop, Take Care Of Your Scarf Tatjana + Total Balalaika Show, Surprise Film (Bullets Over Broadway), Wild Justice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Barcelona, Nina Takes A Lover, 23:58, Tim Burton Guardian Interview, Exotica, Getting Any?, La Reine Margot, Back To Back Face To Face, Accumulator 1, Leon


Strange Days, Hate, He's A Woman She's A Man, The Last Supper, The Making Of Maps, The Children Of Lumiere, Tsui Hark Guardian Interview, Living In Oblivion, Leaving Las Vegas, The Doom Generation, The Horseman On The Roof, Desperado, Shanghai Triad, Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans, Devil In A Blue Dress, Mighty Aphrodite, The Near Room, A Hot Night, The Soul Investigator, Wizard Of Darkness, The Innocent Sleep, Glastonbury The Movie, Surprise Film (Johnny Mnemonic), On The Beat, Kamikaze Taxi, Muriel's Parents Have Had It Up To Here, Safe, Dead Presidents, Smoke, Georgia, Clockers, Gazon Maudit, Blue In The Face, The Flower Of My Secret, Spike Lee Guardian Interview, Pedro Almodovar Guardian Interview, Lovers, Some Kind Of Life, Comedy And Animation, A Walk On The Wild Side, Casino



The Proposition, Fetishes, Roald Dahl's Matilda, Last Of The High Kings, Fitba!, Trojan Eddie, Mother Night, Yang + Yin: Gender In Chinese Cinema, Grace Of My Heart, Cosi, Nobody Will Speak Of Us When We Are Dead, Ridicule, Terry Gilliam Guardian Interview, Tokyo Fist, Bound, Bits And Pieces, Christopher Doyle Masterclass, Nostalgia For Countryland, Temptress Moon, Good News From The Lord, Robert Altman's Jazz '34, Kids Return, Gallivant, Irma Vep, Some Mother's Son, Conspirators Of Pleasure, Le Bonheur (Est Dans Le Pre), Nenette et Boni, Carla's Song, Trees Lounge, Steve Buscemi Guardian Interview, The Phantom Lover, Basquiat, Surprise Film (The Long Kiss Goodnight), Luna Et L'Altra


Keep The Aspidistra Flying, Mojo, Richard E Grant Guardian Interview, Happy Together, Loved, My Son The Fanatic, Shall We Dance?, Cop Land, La Femme Defendue, International Animation, British Animation, The Good Life, The Wings Of The Dove, Lawn Dogs, Metroland, Shooting Stars, Junkmail, Clubbed To Death, Western, Dobermann, Welcome To Sarajevo, The Winter Guest, Surprise Film (Breakdown), Hana-Bi, The Life Of Stuff, Frozen, Live Flesh, Stiff Upper Lips, Twentyfour Seven, Funny Games, Kini And Adams, The End Of Violence, Keep Cool, The House Of Yes, Boogie Nights, Doing Time For Patsy Cline, Memories, This Is The Sea, Thelma Schoonmaker Powell Masterclass, Kiss Or Kill, One Night Stand


Girls Watch The Boys, Henry Fool, Motel Cactus, The Theory Of Flight, Titanic Town, B Monkey, Fast Food, Life Is Beautiful, Sitcom, Captain Jack, First Love Last Rites, God's Got My Number, Pi, Slam, Brits In The Spotlight Programme 1, Hold You Tight, Twilight, Via Satellite, Dancer Texas Pop 81, I Stand Alone, Jonathan Demme Guardian Interview, Playing God, Aprile, Brown's Requiem, Corps Plongés, Strangers On A Train, Slums Of Beverly Hills, The Apple, The Interview, A Kind Of Hush, Out Of Sight, Thirteen, Torrente: The Dumb Arm Of The Law, Waking Ned, Babyface, The Blue Summer, The First Night Of My Life, Nô, Final Cut, The Idiots, Serial Lover, Disney's Unseen Treasures, The Opposite Of Sex, Pleasantville, Spriggan, Train To Pakistan, Among Giants, Gods And Monsters, Pecker, Pieces Of Identity, Smoke Signals, Blind Faith, Girl, John Waters Guardian Interview, Pecker, A Rather English Marriage, Two Girls And A Guy, Hideous Kinky, Welcome To Woop Woop, Your Friends And Neighbors, August 32nd On Earth, Bulworth, International Animation


Ride With The Devil, The Cider House Rules, The Cup, Ratcatcher, Humanity, The Life and Times of Sara Baartman, Milk, The Small Time Thief, Souko, The Straight Story, The Big Brass Ring, The Bridge, The Girl On The Bridge, Jesus' Son, The Limey, Soho Shorts - Avid Technology Animation Awards, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Happy Texas, julien donkey-boy, Wonderland, The Longest Summer, Siegfried And Roy: The Magic Box, Topsy Turvy, Manolito Four Eyes, Savage Honeymoon, The Virgin Suicides, Anywhere But Here, Being John Malkovich, Fanny And Elvis, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Ed TV, Men And Women, P Tinto's Miracle, Cradle Will Rock, Kikujiro, My Silly Mother, A Room For Romeo Brass, Les Convoyeurs Attendent, Summer Of Sam, Whatever Happened To Harold Smith?, Criminal Lovers, The Insider, Jim Jarmusch Guardian Interview, Bleeder, Crazy In Alabama, Flowers Of Shanghai, Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai, Jin-Roh, The Protagonists, Shattered Image, The Four Seasons Of Espigoule, International Animation 2, Onegin, Tube Tales, Hurlyburly, Not One Less, Show Me Love, American Beauty, Brokedown Palace, Wind With The Gone


Almost Famous, A Bench In The Park, Better Than Sex, The Low Down, A One And A Two, Bad Company, Quills, Shadow Of The Vampire, Best In Show, Harry He's Here To Help, Herod's Law, Together, Go East, I Have Found It, The Man Who Cried, Room To Rent, Wild About Harry, The Big Kahuna, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Prime Gig, Requiem For A Dream, Stardom, Ang Lee Guardian Interview, Brother 2, Dead Or Alive, The Prime Gig, The American Nightmare, The Big Animal, Fuckland, Cecil B Demented, The Dish, Peaches, Small Time Crooks, Verbal Assault, famous, State And Main, Beautiful Creatures, Iron Ladies, Saltwater, Sexy Beast, The Foul King, Liam, Les Marchands De Sable, Meet The Parents, Monkeys As Becky, Teeth, Trixie, When Brendan Met Trudy, Barking Dogs Never Bite, In Cold Blood, Joe Gould's Secret, The Contender, Farewell, Gojoe, Like Father, The Weight Of Water, Born Romantic, International Scenes, The Wedding


Gosford Park, The Cat's Meow, Imperfect Love, Late Marriage, The Piano Teacher, Cool And Crazy, Lan Yu, The Mystic Masseur, Seafood, Domani, International Animation Panorama, Waikiki Brothers, Dead Or Alive 2: Birds, Hearts In Atlantis, The Last Kiss, Mostly Martha, Pollock, Quitting, Ten Days Without Love, Ed Harris Guardian Interview, Ikingut, Jan Dara, Last Orders, Monsoon Wedding, The Pornographer (sort of), The Sleepy Time Gal, La Spagnola, Warm Water Under A Red Bridge, Afternoon Of A Torturer, And Your Mother Too, The Bank, Dark Blue World, Ichi The Killer, Novocaine, Good Romance, My Voyage To Italy, Off To The Revolution By 2CV, Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine In Daehakno, Fausto 5.0, Parallel Worlds, Tape, This Is My Chocky Message, Bandits, Heist, Saturday, Waking Life, As A Man, Kurosawa, Metropolis, Nanni Moretti Guardian Interview, Nine Queens, Paris XY, Light Of My Eyes, Monsters, Inc., Mulholland Drive, Pixar Masterclass, Apocalypse Now Redux, The Battle Of Orgreave, Dog Days, Freedom, Sex And Lucia, The Son's Room, Chico, Donnie Darko, The Emperor's New Clothes, Go For Broke, The Lady And The Duke, Time Out, Tribute To Pixar and John Lasseter Guardian Interview, Betty Fisher Et Autres Histoires, Happy Man, Ignorant Fairies, The Magic Box, Me Without You, Millennium Mambo, Birthday Girl, Happy Now, K-PAX, Teenage Kicks - The Undertones, Water And Sal, A Tender Place


Dirty Pretty Things, Aiki, Looking For Leonard, The Man Without A Past, Anita And Me, El Bonaerense, Los, Three, El Valley Centro, City Of God, Every Stewardess Goes To Heaven, The Magdalene Sisters, Me And My Camera, Sogobi, The Three Marias, Bowling For Columbine, Craig Armstrong Masterclass, L'Homme Du Train, Miss Sadie Thompson, Monrak Transistor, Smoking Room, Animation Panorama, Auto Focus, Baadasssss Cinema, Love Liza, Michael Moore Guardian Interview, Antwone Fisher, Blissfully Yours, Bonanza, Dead Or Alive: Final, Everything Together, The Four Feathers, My Mother's Smile, Octavia, Full Frontal, A Journey Called Love, The Kid Stays In The Picture, My Wrongs 8245-8249 And 117, Public Toilet, 8 Mile, Open Hearts, Pure, Shadow Kill, Standing In The Shadows Of Motown, When Mariam Spoke Out, Curtis Hanson Guardian Interview, The Dancer Upstairs, In A Lonely Place, A Lucky Day, The Rules Of Attraction, Some Day In The Future, Wanted, Ararat, Halloween Presents: Full Length 20, Monday Morning, Suddenly, Vic Armstrong Masterclass, Far From Heaven, Punch Drunk Love, Real Women Have Curves, A Chinese Odyssey 2002, The Other Side Of The Bed, Secretary, Suddenly, Welcome To Collinwood, Lilya 4-Ever, Lukas Moodysson Guardian Interview, Polissons Et Galipettes, Wrecked On Road 17, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, Little Sammy Davis, Marie-Jo And Her Two Loves, Muddy Waters - Can't Be Satisfied, Raising Victor Vargas


The Cat Returns, In The Cut, A Mighty Wind, Mortadelo & Filemon: The Big Adventure, The Shape Of Things, Vibrator, Animation Panorama, The Human Stain, Last Life In The Universe, Save The Green Planet!, Wilbur (Wants To Kill Himself), Fail Safe, Tiexi District: West Of Tracks, Dogville, The Fog Of War, Roman Holiday, Zimbabwe Countdown, Bright Future, Burning Dreams, The Missing Half, Resurrection Of The Little Match Girl, Border Line, The Principles Of Lust, The Return Of Cagliostro, Touching The Void, Decision At Sundown, Kitchen Stories, Lost In Translation, The Stroll, If You Were Me, I'm Not Scared, In The Forest... Again, Welcome To Destination Shanghai, 21 Grams, Festival Express, I'm Not Scared, The Underground Chamber, Anthony Dod Mantle Masterclass, Battle Royale II: Requiem, The Forest (Le Silence De La Foret), Jimmy Scott: If You Only Knew, Stormy Weather, This Film Is Dangerous, Twentynine Palms, Memories Of Murder, Neil LaBute Guardian Interview, Now Or Never, The School Of Rock, Breakdown, The Dreamers, Goodbye Dragon Inn, The Heat's On, Jan Werich's Fimfarum, Kiss Of Life, Grand Theft Parsons, It's All About Love, Valentin, Zatoichi, 15, The Letter, Travellers And Magicians


A Tout De Suite, Antenna: 2nd Birthday Special, Brothers, We Don't Live Here Anymore, Whisky, Woman Is The Future Of Man, Animation Programme 1, Chisholm '72: Unbought And Unbossed, On The Waterfront, Visions Of Europe, Vital, Edgeplay: The Story Of The Runaways, The Manchurian Candidate, Mondovino, Mr Smith Goes To Washington, South Of The Clouds, Bullet Boy, The Day Of The Hawk, Everybody Is A Killer, My Father Is An Engineer, Woman Of The Breakwater, The Complete Japanese Showa Song-Book, Delamu, Out Of The Forest, Tang Poetry, Tarnation, Champions, Masterclass: Brad Bird, Roads To Koktebel, Napoleon Dynamite, Stander, Uniform, 2046, I Like Working, Izo, With George Bush On My Mind, Aaltra, Drum, Paths Of Glory, Los Angeles Plays Itself, Sideways, Times Screen Talk: Kevin Bacon, Tony Takitani, Chemins De Traverse, Melinda And Melinda, The Woodsman, The World, Czech Dream, D.E.B.S., Lila Says, Darwin's Nightmare, The Plague, Soldiers Pay, Times Screen Talks: David O Russell, Cafe Lumiere, A Hole In My Heart, I Heart Huckabees, Moolaade


Backstage, Dark Horse, Elizabethtown, The Sentimental Bloke, City Of The Sun, Dreaming Of Space, Election, If You Were Me 2, Carousel, Derailroaded, The Soup One Morning, Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, Kekexili, Linda Linda Linda, The Wendell Baker Story, Blood And Bones, Manderlay, The Matador, Spying Cam, Workingman's Death, Heading South, I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed, Man Push Cart, Takeshis', Burnt Out, Hustle And Flow, The Proposition, Sisters In Law, Ten Skies, The Wayward Cloud, Burnt Out, An Enticing Proposition, Lemming, Shin Sung-Il Is Lost, Sud Express, Tapas, They Came Back, Twist Of Faith, Blood Rain, Classification: New Challenges, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lonesome Jim, Be Here To Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt, Bubble, Hidden, The Passenger, Pavee Lackeen, You're Gonna Miss Me, Almost Brothers, Major Dundee, Mrs Henderson Presents, Walk The Line, The Brothers Grimm, Family Album, The Great Silence, International Animation Programme 2, Delwende, Time Has Come, Times Screen Talks: Terry Gilliam, Where The Truth Lies, Gravehopping, Isolated, Tale Of Cinema, Citizen Dog, Everything Is Illuminated, Sholay


Blindsight, The Boss Of It All, Forest Whitaker Screen Talk, The Lives Of Others, Black Gold, Fimfarum 2, Big Bang Love Juvenile A, The Big Country, Invisible Waves, Mischief Night, Drama/Mex, International Animation Panorama, Primo Levi's Journey, Born And Bred, The Bridge, Distant Voices Still Lives, The Journals Of Knud Rasmussen, Offscreen, The U.S. Versus John Lennon, Angosto, Container, The Missing Star, Nuggets, Black Book, The Caiman, Hana, Paul Verhoeven Masterclass, The Year After, Black Gold, The Ground Truth, Son Of Man, The Holy Mountain, In The Pit, Lights In The Dusk, Love Story, Fast Food Nation, Ghosts, Heart Beating In The Dark (1982), Heart Beating In The Dark (2005), Buenos Aires 1977, Falling, Gafla, The Prestige, Richard Linklater Screen Talk, Sketches Of Frank Gehry, The Family Friend, Lola, Lunacy, Requiem, The Yacoubian Building, Dans Paris, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, Slumming, This Is England, Bandits Of Orgosolo, The King And The Clown, Opera Jawa, Our Daily Bread, Babel, Dark Blue Almost Black


Glory To The Filmmaker!, Redacted, Valzer, Interview, Ploy, Steve Buscemi Masterclass, Brand Upon The Brain!, In The Shadow Of The Moon, International Animation Panorama, Let's Finish!, Summer Rain, The Voyeurs, The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, The Cool School, Does Your Soul Have A Cold?, Everybody's Business & The Woman's Portion, La Zona, City Of Men, The Mosquito Problem And Other Stories, One Hundred Nails, Catching The Big Fish, Heartbeat Detector, The Matsugane Potshot Affair, No Mercy For The Rude, I Always Wanted To Be A Gangster, The Trap, You The Living, El Baño Del Papa, Hold Me Tight Let Me Go, The Secret Of The Grain, Zoo, EXTE - Hair Extensions, I Just Didn't Do It, Night Train, The Unforeseen, The Bitter Tea Of General Yen, Capitalism: Child Labor, Planet Terror, Son Of Rambow, With Your Permission, Before Midnight, Honeydripper, No Country For Old Men, Now Wait For Last Year, The Substitute, Jimmy The Gent, Return To Goree, Substitute, Battle For Haditha, Boy A, The English Surgeon, Far North, I'm Not There, Hounds, Savage Grace, Wes Anderson Screen Talk, Bad Habits, The Edge Of Heaven, Persepolis, Very Well Thank You, The Banishment, In Memory Of Myself


Arctic Monkeys At The Apollo, That Sinking Feeling, Birdsong, Dean Spanley, Love Live Long, A Perfect Day, Quick Gun Murugun, The Secret, A Simple Heart, Winstanley, Goodbye Solo, Religulous, Tokyo!, A Christmas Tale, Hunger, International Animation Panorama, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Quiet Chaos, RR, Adoration, I Am Alive, Under The Tree, Uprise, The Warlords, Beautiful Losers, Il Divo, German + Rain, Louise-Michel, Achilles And The Tortoise, Adam Dant's Anecdotal History Of The BFI, United Red Army, All Around Us, The Candidate, High Treason, Still Walking, Frozen River, Johnny Mad Dog, Waltz With Bashir, Hansel And Gretel, Largo, The Last Thakur, The Last Wagon, Telstar, Robert Carlyle Screen Talk, The Witch Of The West Is Dead, The Wrestler, Ballast, Country Wedding, Nucingen Haus, Ralph Fiennes Variety Award, The Brothers Bloom, Not Quite Hollywood, Synecdoche New York, Charlie Kaufman Masterclass, Night And Day, Babin, New Town Killers, Slumdog Millionaire, Yah Chayka!


Fantastic Mr Fox, Enter The Void, The Men Who Stare At Goats, Oil City Confidential, 44 Inch Chest, Trimpin: The Sound Of Invention, The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights, Headhunter, Today's Special, Too Many Husbands, Feast Of Villains, The Informant!, Like You Know It All, Woman Without Piano, Castro, The Limits Of Control, MICMACS, Burning Down The House: The Story Of CBGB, The Ferrari Dino Girl, Men On The Bridge, Visitors, Animation Panorama, At The End Of Daybreak, London Moves Me, Kamui, Mother, Underground, Air Doll, Chloe, Extract, Capitalism: A Love Story, No One Knows About Persian Cats, Polytechnique, American: The Bill Hicks Story, As God Commands, Journey To The Moon, My Greatest Escape, Lebanon, A Serious Man, Taking Woodstock, Bare Essence Of Life, City Of Life And Death, Defamation, A Prophet



Chongqing Blues, International Animation Panorama Programme 1, Conviction, Manila Skies, Waste Land, Word Is Out, 3 Seasons In Hell, Amigo, The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople, Ruhr, The Autobiography Of Nicolae Ceauşescu, The Bridge On The River Kwai, Dhobi Ghat, Le Quattro Volte, Tabloid, I Wish I Knew, The Light Thief, Mars, Double Tide, The Match King, Meek's Cutoff, The Peddler, Womb, Another Year, The Great White Silence, International Animation Panorama Programme 2, Heartbeats, Home For Christmas, Oki's Movie, Pink Saris, Autumn, Mammuth, Submarine, 13 Assassins, Darren Aronofsky Screen Talk, Route Irish, A Brighter Summer Day, Carlos, Bow Bells And Waterloo Sunsets, Lemmy, The Pipe, Sensation, Draquila - Italy Trembles, Howl, Sawako Decides, Surviving Life, Cold Fish, David Gatten's Journal And Remarks, Dear Doctor, Upside Down: The Creation Records Story, Biutiful, October, Black Swan, Boxing Gym



Darwin, The Goose Woman, Volcano, The Waves, The Day He Arrives, The Machine That Kills Bad People, Sarah Palin - You Betcha!, A Trip To The Moon, Asshole, Bernadette: Notes On A Political Journey, Crulic: The Path To Beyond, Shin-Heike Monogatari, Twenty Cigarettes, Dreileben 1: Beats Being Dead, Dreileben 2: Don't Follow Me Around, Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai, International Animation Panorama Programme 1, Rampart, I Wish, Louise Wimmer, Once Upon A Time In Anatolia, Stopped On Track, Wonderful London, Las Acacias, Chicken With Plums, Dreams Of A Life, International Animation Panorama Programme 2, Undercurrent, Last Screening, Let The Bullets Fly, Superheroes, Dreileben 3: One Minute Of Darkness, Elena, Headhunters, How To Re-Establish A Vodka Empire, Shock Head Soul, Whores' Glory, Alexander Payne Screen Talk, I'm Carolyn Parker, Point Of Order!, The Artist, Bernie, Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, King Curling, Damsels In Distress, Michael Winterbottom Screen Talk, Take Shelter, Wild Bill, Dendera, London Calling, The Monk, The Snows Of Kilimanjaro, Target, Trishna, Mitsuko Delivers, The Tsunami And The Cherry Blossom, The Jewel, A Simple Life, Tahrir 2011: The Good The Bad And The Politician, The Kid With A Bike, Nouka Dubi, The Student, Footnote, Small Town, Faust


Le Grand Soir, The Poor Stockinger The Luddite Cropper And The Deluded Followers Of Joanna Southcott, Doomsday Book, A Fish, Room 237, Wadjda, Dreams For Sale, For Love's Sake, For No Good Reason, Helter Skelter, Aiiyaa, Key Of Life, Mahanagar, Tess, The Great Bird Race, Nameless Gangster: Rules Of The Time, Richard III, Chakravyuh, Francine, The Summit, Teddy Bear, Beautiful 2012, A Liar's Autobiography, Winter Nomads, Heat Lightning, In Another Country, Jewel Robbery, Solar Eclipse, Tomorrow, The Great Kilapy, Tey, Village At The End Of The World, The Art Of Frankenweenie, Frankenweenie, The Manxman, Romance Joe, David Wasco & Sandy Reynolds Wasco Masterclass, Japan In A Day, Lawrence Of Arabia, Silver Linings Playbook, The Big Gundown, I Carried You Home, Long Live The Family!



Jodorowsky's Dune, Adore, As I Lay Dying, The Congress, The Lusty Men, Nobody's Daughter Haewon, One Day When The Rain Falls, Sandra, Computer Chess, Gare du Nord, The Sarnos: A Life In Dirty Movies, Electro Chaabi, Hirokazu Kore-eda Screen Talk, Kalpana, Model Shop, Afternoon Delight, Eliza Lynch: Queen Of Paraguay, The Great Passage, Ida, Milius, Norte: The End Of History, A Touch Of Sin, 11.6, Abuse Of Weakness, Glückskinder, Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia, Jeune Et Jolie, La Maison de la Radio, Aatsinki: The Story Of Arctic Cowboys, Kon-Tiki, Our Sunhi, A Street In Palermo, A Time In Quchi, The Doorway To Hell, The Lady From Shanghai, Picture Snatcher, We Are The Best!, A Long And Happy Life, Night Moves, Rigor Mortis, So Young, Tracks, Why Don't You Play In Hell?, The Armstrong Lie, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me, The Epic Of Everest, Gloria, The Invisible Woman, Locke, The Zero Theorem, The Eternal Return Of Antonis Paraskevas, Grand Piano, The Lunchbox, The Past, Cowboy, Drinking Buddies, Lifelong, Luton, Nine Lives, The Strange Colour Of Your Body’s Tears, Suzanne, Tell Me Lies, The Parrot and the Swan, At Berkeley, Borgman, The Wishful Thinkers, My Fathers My Mother And Me, Let The Fire Burn, Kill Your Darlings, The Past, Half Of A Yellow Sun, Parkland, Becoming Traviata, Le Grand Cahier


Altman, Come Back To The Five And Dime Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean, The Dead Lands, Dear White People, The Colour Of Pomegranates, The Cut, Listen Up Philip, Captivated, Electric Boogaloo, The Great Invisible, The Possibilities Are Endless, 1001 Grams, Black Coal Thin Ice, Kung Fu Jungle, The Creator Of The Jungle, War Book, X+Y, Black Souls, The Goddess, Rosewater, Stray Dog, Birdman, The Dawn Of Technicolor, Walking Under Water, No Man's Land, We Come As Friends, Why Be Good?, Dragon Inn, Margarita With A Straw, Tender, Girlhood, The Immortalists, Near Death Experience, Guys And Dolls, The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow, The World Of Kanako



Geena Davis Screen Talk, Lost In Munich, My Love Don't Cross That River, Ryuzo And His Seven Henchmen, Ghost Theater, Land Of Mine, The Quays Meet Christopher Nolan, The American Epic Sessions, Assassination, Hand Gestures, Happy Hour, Funny How? How Am I Funny?, Kiss Me Kate, Legacy, Live From New York!, Being Evel, The Idol, Invention, Right Now Wrong Then, In Jackson Heights, Our Little Sister, Frame By Frame, A Man For All Seasons, The Wave, LFF Connects: Laurie Anderson, Our Man In Havana, Yakuza Apocalypse, The Brand New Testament, Rediscovered Laurel And Hardy, Steve McQueen: The Man And Le Mans, Old Czech Legends, Rattle The Cage, The Sky Trembles And The Earth Is Afraid And The Two Eyes Are Not Brothers, Men And Chicken, Office, Sherlock Holmes. Schneider Vs Bax, Rocco And His Brothers, Black Mass, The Apostate, The People Vs Fritz Bauer, Francofonia, A Tale Of Three Cities, Guilty, A Perfect Day



13th, Don't Blink - Robert Frank, Dawson City: Frozen Time, LFF Connects: Behind The Magic Of ILM, Ten Years, Houston We Have A Problem, Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang, Sully, Certain Women, Hospital, Sound And Vision, Ascent, David Lynch: The Art Life, The Noonday Witch, Beat The Devil, Hell Drivers, Paterson, Stockholm My Love, Dearest Sister, Mifune: The Last Samurai, After The Storm, Life After Life, Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World, City Of Tiny Lights, The Informer, Trespass Against Us, Daughters Of The Dust, Have You Seen My Movie?, Orange Sunshine, Richard Linklater: Dream Is Destiny, The Last Laugh, Private Property, Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra Of Rock



Filmworker, 9 Fingers, Faithfull, Five Fingers For Marseilles, Jabberwocky, Columbus, Have A Nice Day, Suspiria, Wrath Of Silence, Abracadabra, From Jealous Dolls To Brutish Bulldogs, Jailbreak, Rift, Word Of God, Blade Of The Immortal, King Of Peking, Mutafukaz, Let The Corpses Tan, Memoir Of A Murderer, My Generation, Takashi Miike Screen Talk, The Venerable W., A Fantastic Woman, Going West, Lucky, AlphaGo, Ex Libris, Good Manners, Mother's Ghost, On The Beach At Night Alone, 78/52, Abu, Jane, Untitled, Here To Be Heard, Our Time Will Come, Salesman, Scarface, Bad Genius, Funny Cow, Grain, A Matter Of Life And Death, You Were Never Really Here



Asako I & II, Widows, Freedom Fields, They'll Love Me When I'm Dead, The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, Doozy, Green Book, The Hummingbird Project, Gordon And Paddy, Monrovia Indiana, The Quake, The Last Movie, That Time Of Year, Accidence, Believer, The Green Fog, Soni, Being Frank, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Birds Of Passage, Etangs Noirs, Dead Pigs, Two Plains And A Fancy, Of Love And Law, The Prey, Shadow, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Mr SOUL!, My Little Chickadee




Leap Of Faith, Maggie, Jallikattu, The Lost Okoroshi, The Personal History Of David Copperfield, A Pleasure Comrades!, I Lost My Body, Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project, Workforce, Monos, Mystify: Michael Hutchence, Shooting The Mafia, Sid And Judy, The Masque Of The Red Death, Sweet Charity, To The Ends Of The Earth, White Riot, The Cave, Fire Will Come, Waiting For The Barbarians, White Snake, Making Waves: The Art Of Cinematic Sound, The Perfect Candidate, Screen Talk: Rian Johnson, Family Romance LLC, Finishing School, Knives Out, Guest Of Honour, Scales, The Whistlers, First Love, George: The Story Of George Maciunas And Fluxus, The Juniper Tree, Circus Of Books, The Street, To Live To Sing, The Elephant Man, The Irishman, Ride Lonesome



The Disciple, The Painter And The Thief, This Is The Rhythm Of My Life, UK Focus, All Sorts Of Shorts, The Reason I Jump, Shirley, Chess Of The Wind, A Day Off Of Kasumi Arimura, Siberia, Wolfwalkers, 200 Meters, The Cheaters, Time, Wildfire, Eyimofe (This Is My Desire), Sound For The Future, Undine, A Common Crime, The Intruder, Mogul Mowgli, Screen Talk: Riz Ahmed, Another Round, Bad Tales, LFF Expanded, One Man And His Shoes, Identifying Features, If It Were Love, The Salt In Our Waters, Screen Talk: Es Devlin, After Love, Possessor, Shadow Country, Striding Into The Wind, Ammonite, Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and The Legendary Tapes, Nomadland, Screen Talk: David Byrne, African Apocalypse, David Byrne's American Utopia, Friendship's Death, Virtual LFF Audience Awards




Cop Secret, The Crossing, The Feast, Mothers Of The Revolution, The Storms Of Jeremy Thomas, The Taking, The Velvet Underground, What Do We See When We Look At The Sky?, Bergman Island, Cannon Arm And The Arcade Quest, Find Me Here, Small Body, A Cop Movie, Cow, The Outsiders: The Complete Novel, C'Mon C'Mon. Clara Sola, Weird And Wonderful World, Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy, Boiling Point, The French Dispatch, Passing, The Phantom Of The Open, Ali & Ava, Becoming Cousteau, Ryusuke Hamaguchi Screen Talk, Titane, Welcome To Spain, Around Japan With A Movie Camera, LFF Expanded, Two Friends, Azor, Benediction, The Lost Daughter, The Neutral Ground, Only Expansion, Anachronic Chronicles: Voyages Inside/Out Asia, Flee, Neptune Frost, The Afterlight, Oliver!, Petrov’s Flu, A Banquet, Benedetta, King Richard, Prayers For The Stolen, She Will, Shepherd



Chee$e, Hidden Letters, LFF Expanded, Nayola, The Woman In The White Car, The Worst Ones, Boy From Heaven, Fragments Of Paradise, God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines, Into The Ice, Bobi Wine: Ghetto President, EO, Foolish Wives, Love Life, Bardo: False Chronicle Of A Handful Of Truths, Godland, Emily The Criminal, Living, Crows Are White, Enys Men, The Origin, The Whale, The Cloud Messenger, Getting It Back: The Story Of Cymande, The Menu, Short Film Competition part 1, Blue Island, Fast & Feel Love, Short Film Competition part 2, Unicorn Wars, The Blue Rose of Forgetfulness, Pitchblack Playback: Cymande, Super Eagles ’96, All That Money Can Buy, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, New Normal



Spank's LFF Diaries Volume One: 1989-1999

Spank's LFF Diaries Volume Two: 2000-2004

Spank's LFF Diaries Volume Three: 2005-2009

Spank's LFF Diaries Volume Four: 2010-2014

Spank's LFF Diaries Volume Five: 2015-2019


Suzanne Vega Fanclub

Hmmmm ! A non-alphabetical list isn't really the same as an index.

To put it another way if I want to find a film, which I am not sure about when it came out (or for that matter if you have even reviewed it), I have to go through every randomly listed film, in every year, to find it, and then search again to find the day it was reviewed ?


These are valid points, but need to be balanced against the fact that I'm a lazy bastard.

(Also, have you tried doing CTRL-F on this page?)

Suzanne Vega Fanclub

Ctrl F, what the F is that ?

Well okay that highlighted 'El Valley Centro' in the relevant year which I used as an example. But then a lot more work is required to go and plough through every day of that year's festival to find a review of it.

HOWEVER by using your search engine at the top left hand side of your blog, I was able to go to a brilliant review of that film in seconds. So what I suggest you do is list all the films alphabetically (dump the year thing) and then just highlight the search engine facility.


CTRL-F works fine on this page, too:

I've never really been convinced by the Rollyo search engine box, to be honest. It never seems to be able to find the particular pages I want whenever I use it. But right now, there don't seem to be any real alternatives available.

Old lag

Spank, challenge you to go to the Cook Islands in 2010 to see the eclipse for that year.


The only thing I really know about the Cook Islands is that their websites are COCK.

Vintage Ring

Wow! Amazing how much nice movies you saw there. I never was in London's Film Festival, but I watched many of those films in cinemas and home. Very nice post, I remember some of the old movies I liked in the past:)

Nike Dunk Sb

Thank your for display me so fantastic notion as part of your blog. I am really gree with you. Your viewpoint is amazing. In our lives, there's nothing can beat us.


"Have yourselves a good old browse through, and try not to think too hard about how much the tickets for all this lot have cost me over the last couple of decades." I think ticket cost doesn't matter for as long as you have enjoyed what you've paid for, right? I really envy your "experience".

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