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Edinburgh Festival 1989-2023: An Index

A hair salon, Edinburgh, 2005. Do you see what they did there? I admit it, the Edinburgh Festival coverage on this site is all over the place - a combination of REPOST pages written for the old site and ported over to here, SPANK GOLD pages written years after the event, and pages that were actually blogged live from Edinburgh as they happened. Anyone just diving into the Edinburgh folder will probably have a hard time working out where to find stuff.

Until now!

What follows is a set of links to the writeups of all the Edinburgh Festivals I've attended since 1989, plus a couple where Spank's Pals went up without me. (Which means nowt for 1993, 1997 or 2000, so don't look for them.) For each year I've included a vaguely chronological list of all the shows that are mentioned in the entry by name. I'm now having a minor freakout at just how many shows that is, but that's not your problem.

The plan is to update this index after every Festival, so this page will mostly remain at the top of the Edinburgh folder. If that's how you got here in the first place, welcome: feel free to browse through the pages linked to below. And if you like the reviews, maybe you'd like to pay me some money to own them in book form? See bottom of page for links.

(Updated November 22nd 2023 to include 2023 reviews)


Simple Minds, Skint Video, John Hegley, Festival Cavalcade, Attila The Stockbroker, Dimonis, Gerry Sadowitz, Tex Avery Programme, Playing Away, My Army, Twiglet Anyone, Emo Philips, Steven Berkoff, Shang-A-Lang, Endangered Species, Doug Anthony Allstars, Batman, Onan, Hanging The President, Nick Revell, La Nit, Fall Of The House Of Usher, Salome, The Fairer Sax, Just Like Home, Simon Fanshawe, Klub Karaoke, Brothers Quay, Clyde Nouveau, Newsrevue, Live Bed Show, Real Sounds Of Africa, Chuck Jones Programme, Archaos, Kathryn Tickell, Recollections Of A Furtive Nudist, Whistling Dixie, Fringe Sunday, Battleship Potemkin, Joan Collins Fan Club, Scenes From The Class Struggle In Beverly Hills, Rufus Harley Quintet, V, Yerma, Gregson and Collister, Arnold Brown, The Ruffian On The Stair, Ra Ra Zoo, Twelfth Night, So Where To?, Mutants, Mark Miwurdz, Epo, Nocturnal Emissions, Candia McWilliam, Under Milk Wood, Frida And Diego, Kiss My Mate, One Man And His Show, John Sparkes, Venus Peter, The Smouldering Globules Of Love, The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover, Al And George, Lunch, Fleischer Brothers Programme, Road, Albion Band, Steven Wright, The Second Coming Of Archie Bishop, Alice Through The System, Kray Vs Kray, Iain Banks, City Of Birmingham Orchestra, The Decline Of Western Civilisation Part 2: The Metal Years, Nick Cave, Whale, Afternoon Trumpet With Crumpet, McGough And McCarthy, Stephane Grappelli, Miles And Millner, God And Jesus


Sweeney & Steen, Julian Clary, Robocop 2, Happy Birthday Bugs, Festival Cavalcade, Hidden Agenda, Schlock, Some Like It Hot, Why I Stopped Being A Stand-Up Comedian, Hail Eris, Comeuppance Rising, My Army 2, Asking For It, Lulu, Life Is Cheap... But Toilet Paper Is Expensive, The Glass House, I Can't Get Started, Trouble In Paradise, Hardie And Baird: The Last Days, Attila & Otway, Arrivederci Millwall, Pixels And Stories, Kentucky Fried Movie, The Complete Works Of Shakespeare (Abridged), Mark Hurst, Brand, Marber & Macabre, No Cure For Cancer, Halas And Bachelor, An American Werewolf In London, King Lear, Doug Anthony Allstars, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Tom Robinson, Fringe Sunday, Newshounds, Cabaret, Prophet Bites Dog, Pieter Dirk-Uys, The Garden, Depravity, L'Amfiparnaso, David Puttnam, Take Them To The Garden, Mark Steel, Romeo & Juliet, Halliwell's Hell, Macbeth, Earl Okin, Jools Holland, The Home Service, Shivers, A One Night Stand, Jimmy Tingle, The Hangover Show, White Hunter Black Heart, Clint Eastwood Guardian Lecture, Silent Scream, Visiting District Milligan, On The Fringe Of Hysteria


Tango At The End Of Winter, The Reconstructed Heart, La La La Human Steps, The Czecks, Meet The Feebles, Lindsay Anderson, Hearts Of Darkness, Jimmy Tingle, Archaos, The Devil And Lenny Bruce, Snap!, Ian Hislop, The Cutting Edge, Friends Of The Famous, At Last 'The Death Of Country', The Edinburgh Years, McLaren Animation 4, Our Day Out, Truly Madly Deeply, Cheryl The Rock Opera, Stomp, Getting Animated In Edinburgh, Sexual Perversity In Chicago, Eddie Izzard, Rebels With A Chord, Mark Steel, Propaganda And Agitation, Cook Dems, This Savage Parade, Volere Volare, Social Suicide, Essential Viewing, Adele Anderson, At Last Close-Up Magic And Card Tricks, Chris Lynam Is Lord Byron, The Erpingham Camp, Edinburgh Live '91, Paul Gravett, John Hegley, McGough & Patten, Gravett, Morrison & McKean



Sam Fuller Pitches, Hell Bent Heaven Bound, Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf, Insomnia, McClaren Animation 3, Fringe Sunday, John Shuttleworth's Guide To Stardom, Alan Parker Urban Warrior, Bob Roberts, Studs, Yeltsin Trotsky And The Betting Shop, Cohen The Barbarian, Eddie Izzard, Doug Anthony Allstars, Savage II – The Return, Top Girls, Fuente Ovejuna, Cyrano De Bergerac, Wax Acts, Comedy Zone, More Jam Tomorrow, John Hegley, Misogynist, Man To Man, Rob Newman & David Baddiel, Ned Sherrin, Piano Circus, The Bogie Man + Ballad Of Kid Divine, Harry Hill, Trev & Simon, Glenlivet Fireworks Concert, Noises Off, McClaren Animation 4, Encyclopaedia Poetica, Gone With Noakes, Richard Thompson, The Comedy Store Players, Mac, Thunderbirds FAB, Willie Rushton & Simon Rae



This Morning With Richard Not Judy, McLaren Animation 4, Clerks, Killing Zoe, Jools Holland Masterclass, McLaren Animation 5, John Shuttleworth, The Quick Brown Fox, Harry Hill, Yes, Hunter & Docherty, Playboy Of The Western World, Chinese State Circus, Modern Nature, Poor Super Man, Shallow Grave, Henry VIII – Diary Of A Serial Killer, The Seven Streams Of The River Ota, Bib And Bob, The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, The Priest And The Pirate, Fringe Sunday, The Publicity Stunt, Dear Diary, Steady Eddy, Boy Meets Girl, Under Milk Wood, Fever Pitch, Bizarre, Being Human, John Hegley, Ute Lemper, Tales You Win... Heads You Lose, Comic Strip Teas, Faust, The Duchess Of Malfi, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Passion, Ichiro, Phil Kay, Jenny Éclair



Walter Murch Scene By Scene, Lee And Herring's Fist Of Fun, Kenny Young And The Eggplants, Animal Farm, Abigail's Party, McClaren Animation 1, How To Write A Hollywood Screenplay, Harry Hill: Savlon 2000, The Neon Bible, MacPunch, The Lottery Ticket, Ralph Steadman, McClaren Animation 2, Luka Bloom, Club Swing: Appetite, Reader, Cirque Surreal, Nick Revell, The Last Continent, Desperado, Mute Witness, Bloody Sunday, The Big Afternoon Out, Short Fat Kebab Shop Owner's Son II, I Was Looking At The Ceiling And Then I Saw The Sky, Phil Kay + Umbilical Brothers, Pipe band parade, Fringe Sunday, Living In Oblivion, Mephistopheles Smith, The Holy Ground, Haroun And The Sea Of Stories, Arthur Smith's Hamlet, Pret A Porter, Trainspotting, Go Now, Latin!, Assassins, Simon Fanshawe, The Wow Show, Fascinating Aida, Terry Pratchett, Pub Fiction, Women In Uniform, Archaos Bikers, Lanark, John Hegley, Steven Berkoff, Rocco And His Brothers, Richard Eyre & Simon Callow


The Circus Of Horrors, Kaddish, Stereo + Crimes Of The Future, International Animation, Euan Macdonald Scene By Scene, The Wow Show, The Van, Bad Seed, Portrait Of A Woman, Greg Proops Chat Show, Pleasance Varieties, David Cronenberg Scene By Scene, The Pillow Book, Shouting From The Scaffold, Shining Souls, Chinese State Circus, Fantastic Voyage, Parallel Lines, Some Like It Hot, Twelve, I Stole Freddie Mercury's Birthday Cake, Low Budget Film, Punk's Not Dead, Orlando, Rich Hall, The Architect, Raising Heroes, Taming Of The Shrew, Peter Greenaway Scene By Scene, Billy's Holiday, Cinergy, Aardman Aardman Aardman, Jerry Sadowitz



Twelve Monkeys, Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe, Shaved Splits, Men With Guns, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Late And Live, Lady Boys Of Bangkok, Post Office McLaren Award, Bruce Robinson, Die Ahnlichen, Tattoo, Atom Egoyan & Mychael Danna, Rudy Coby, Nick Hornby, Psy-Warriors, Disco Pigs, PJ Harvey, Mika, The Water Carriers, Edinburgh Nights With Mark Lamarr, Boom Chicago, Late Laughs, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, The Full Montego, Get Real, Perfect Days, Terry Gilliam Scene By Scene, Benjamin Zephaniah, The Book Of Life, Louis de Bernieres, The Tichborne Claimant, The Devil In Miss Jones, Tripod Are Handsome, Burnt, Some Nudity Required, Footlights & Firkin, Life Is A Dream, Ronnie Drew – I Hardly Knew Ya!, The Last Days Of Disco, An Evening With Howard Marks, Legs On The Wall, Alan Sillitoe, Tim Bray, Kate Smith, Just For The Craic, Playing Hide And Seek With Jesus, Babes With Blades, This Morning With Richard Not Judy, The Dope, Adam Hills, The Hannibal Lecture, My Name Is Joe, Love Upon The Throne, Skin Tight, Medieval Musical Medley, Whisky Tasting, Gamblers, Keep Young And Beautiful, Shylock


All About My Mother, The Blair Witch Project, Otis Lee Crenshaw, Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe, It’s Not The End Of The World, The Nation’s Favourite: The True Adventures Of Radio 1, Ken Campbell, East, Mad Margaret’s Marketing Mistake, Turandot, So I Killed A Few People, Berkoff’s Women, Farcas – Fantasia, Car, McLaren Animation 1, Lovepuke, Will Self & Andrew O’Hagan, Loyko, Late And Live, Elephant Juice, The Liar, Drummers, Scarfies, Anonymous Sonata, Often I Find That I Am Naked, Speed The Plow, Berlin “Cinema”, Kenny Young And The Eggplants, Bedsit, Cinderella, Lovers, After Dinner, Annie Nightingale, Craig Charles, The Sheryls Save The World, Lancelot Du Lac, Brian Appleton’s History Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, The Cambridge Footlights, Gregory’s Two Girls, Redball, Bare, Harmon Leon, The Lodger, The Juju Girl, The Curse Of Iain Banks, Fantastical Voyage, The Leisure Virus, Marc Almond, Think No Evil Of Us, Cookin’, The Fall, The Orient Express Moving Schnorers, Scratch, Theatre Talipot, Spinback, Arbora Musica, Phil Gould, 80 Shilling Literary Pub Tour

2001 2001

Storytelling, Battle Royale, Ross Noble, Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe, Lloyd Cole Knew My Father, Mark Steel, Otis Lee Crenshaw, Late ‘N’ Live, Happy Days, Making Of Medium Cool: Look Out Haskell It’s Real!, Medium Cool, Diary Of A Nobody, The Pillow Book, Doreen, Naomi Klein, Bangkok Dangerous, Reservoir Dogs (A Tribute), Manic Opera, Dracula, Berkoff’s Women, Shinla, Animal Farm, Entangled Lives, Glengarry Glen Ross, Tiny Dynamite, Wiping My Mother’s Arse, Jackie Leven, High On Laughter, Mac Tontoh and the Kete Warriors, Popcorn, The Complete Works Of Shakespeare, Gagarin Way, Missing Reel, You Really Got Me, Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Bedbound, Hell, Dream Of A Ridiculous Man, Samuel Oyediji, Steven Berkoff, Hip Harp Fantasies, Nick Hornby, Rehearsing ‘Reversing’, Vacuuming Completely Nude In Paradise, Strumpet, Supergrass, Win Win Win!!! How To Be A Winner, Matthew Owens, Baby With The Bathwater, Rembrandt’s Women, Beowulf, All Cloned Up, Medea, Rubbernecker, Stiff, My Best Fiend, Jesus Hopped The A Train, Brian Appleton, Christ On A Bike!, Trouble Every Day, An Englishman In New York: Resident Alien, The State I Am In, Mad Dogs And Englishmen, Static, Ross Noble & Nicholas Parsons, The Getaway Bus, White Van Man, Naylor and Parsons, How To Lose Friends And Irritate People, Shazia Mirza, Die Walkure, Comedy Of Errors, Notes From A Small Island, They Shoot Arrows Don’t They?

2002 2002

Variety, John Otway, Dougie Maclean, Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe, Neil Gaiman, The Happiness Of The Katakuris, Ego Warriors, The Gonzo Dog Do Bar Band, Count Arthur Strong’s Forgotten Egypt, Lords Of The Ring, The Wax Room, Greg Proops, Oleanna, McLaren Animation, Amanojaku Taiko Drums, Otis Lee Crenshaw, Serenade In B Flat For 13 Wind Instruments, Jerry Sadowitz, Frailty, The Horse Country, Anything Goes… In Outer Space, Conflagration, The Al-Hamlet Summit, Elvis Costello, Grease, Goodbye To The Seattle Coffee Company, Bright Colours Only, Broadway Black Sea, Jerry Springer – The Opera, Andre Vincent Is Unwell, All Or Nothing, Tina C’s Twin Towers Tribute, Simon Munnery, Tiny Ninja Theater Presents Macbeth, Jon Ronson, Spider, Ross Noble, Hammerklavier, Noel Fielding In Voodoo Hedgehog, The Complete Lost Works Of Samuel Beckett As Found In An Envelope (Partially Burned) In A Dustbin In Paris Labeled 'Never To Be Performed. Never. Ever. EVER. Or I'll Sue! I'LL SUE FROM THE GRAVE!!!', A Night In November, Safety, Stand Up For Freedom, All About Lily Chou-Chou, Stitching, A Red Bear, David Holmes, Talking Cock, Pea Green Boat, Sweethearts And Bodyparts, The Guru, Ful, The Bald Prima Donna, Shakespeare For Breakfast, Bob Downe, More Card Tricks And Close-Up Magic, Roddy Doyle, Her Brother

2003 2003 (Spank’s Pals only)

Arthur Smith, Twelve Angry Men, Gary Le Strange, Hair, The Tiger's Bride, Pluck, The Boyle Family, Monet The Early Years, Julian Clary, Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure, Big Howard Little Howard Show, Making Fish Laugh, Dark Earth, The People Next Door, Lewis in Wonderland, We Need to Eat, Lucky Stiff, Last Song of the Nightingale, Andy Parsons, All the Great Books (Abridged), Squonk Opera, Flamenco Flamenco, Songs of Jacques Brel, Cleansed, 4.48 Psychosis, Folk as F**k, One Two




2004 2004

Ross Noble, Scott Capurro, Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe, Dead Man’s Shoes, Ae Fond Kiss, Mark Watson’s Overambitious 24 Hour Show, Teatro Delusio, Fatboy, Chronicles: A Lamentation, Punch And Judy, Camut Band, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The Twelve Tasks Of Hercules Terrace, Black Jesus, The Far Side Of The Moon, Slaves Of Starbucks, Karl Spain. Andy Parsons, Tao Drummers, Sex And Drugs And Sausage Rolls, La Clique Burlesque, Bill Shakespeare’s Italian Job, Taking Charlie, Cigarettes And Chocolate, The Pull Of Negative Gravity, McLaren Animation, Mimirichi, The Green Hat, Manchester Girl, Putting It Together, Swearing Is Big And Clever, My Long Journey Home, Curry Tales, Stewart Lee, Ramblers, Shakespeare For Breakfast, Jane Bom-Bane Back To Back With Nick Pynn, Beef And Yorkshire Pudding, Bombshells, The Joy Of Wine, The Tell-Tale Heart, Jackson’s Way, Loaded, My MS And Me, Coffee And Cigarettes, The Purifiers, Late ‘N’ Live, Christopher Doyle, The Big Red One: The Reconstruction, Soweto Gospel Choir, The Andy Warhol Syndrome, Afternoon Teaze, Jeff Green, A Knight In The Theatre, Julie Burchill Is Away, It Could Be You!

2005 2005

Aaaaaargh! A Tribute To Malcolm Hardee, Cauld Blast 7, Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe, Arthur Smith’s Swan Lake, The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain, Michael Franti, After The End, Andy Parsons, Pramface, Some Explicit Polaroids, The Monkey Butlers, Gamarjobat, The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players, Serenity, Julie McKee, Barb Jungr, Moustache, Adrian Byron Burns, I Am Star Trek, Owen O’Neill, Joss Whedon, The Death Of Klinghoffer, Mirrorball: Animation, We Love You Arthur, Fried Chicken Latkes, Koji Suzuki, The Odd Couple, Dominion: Prequel To The Exorcist, Just The Yoghurt, Letter From An Unknown Woman, Guided Tour, Frankie, Rave Euripides, Naked Voices, Blackbird, Antonio Forcione, East Coast Chicken Supper, Paul Schrader, Stewart Lee, The Aristocrats, Fateless, Kinky Boots, Uncle Shitty, The Tales Of Hoffmann, Rolf Harris, Yesterday Was A Weird Day, Richard Herring, Mark Watson, The Stand Late Show, S.W.A.L.K., Bill Hicks: Slight Return, Caimh McDonnell, Confessions Of A Jingle Writer, Zoo Story, My Pyramids, Mirrormask, Tomfoolery, Henri Cartier-Bresson, The Booth Variations

2006 2006 (Spank's Pals only)

Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe, Levelland, La Clique, Shakespeare For Breakfast, Rich Hall, Andy Parsons, Taylor Mac, Starship Pinafore, Return To The Forbidden Planet

2007 2007

Best Western, Death Proof, Mark Watson, Bad Film Club, Johnson & Boswell: Late But Live, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Miss Meow Meow, Richard Dawkins, Richard Herring, Waiting For Alice, The Withered Arm, Classic Entertainment, John Bishop, Simon Munnery, Skolka, Stewart Lee, Woody Sez, 7 Spies At The Casino, Captured, Dai (Enough), Irn-Bru: Phenomenal Advertising, The Mitch Benn Music Club, Pam Ann, Breath, A Conversation With Edith Head, Dickens Unplugged, Namikibashi Shorts, Madame I, Mala Noche, Nijinsky's Last Dance, UK Shorts 2, Urinetown: The Musical, Ballerina Who Loves B-Boyz, The Container, A Couple Of Blaguards, Follow Me, Impressing The Czar, Luke Wright, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Spank!, Spin Odyssey, Stardust, Comrades In Dreams, Gamarjobat, John Pilger, Mile End, Mirrorball: Made In Japan, Night Time, San Francisco, Shakespeare For Breakfast, Victor Spinetti, Yamato Chanbara, Breaker Morant, Game Theory, Havana Rumba!, Mutton, Rich Hall, Scarborough, The Walworth Farce, World Animation 2, Cirque Surreal, Simon Amstell, Phaedra, La Femme Est Morte or Why I Should Not Fuck My Son, Phill Jupitus, Andy Warhol, Sherlock Holmes: Murder In The Garden

2008 2008

Chuck Palahniuk, Elizabeth and Raleigh: Late But Live, Otis Lee Crenshaw, La Clique, Edges, In The Pink A Capella, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Richard Herring: The Headmaster's Son, Samurai Spirit, Stefan Golaszewski Speaks About A Girl He Once Loved, This Show Belongs To Lionel Richie No 1: Sketch Show, X-Files Improv, Dog Day King, Elena Duran: Mexico Of My Heart, Footsbarn's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Grim, John Bishop: Cultural Ambassador, Music At St Cuthbert's, Peter Buckley-Hill And Some Comedians, Regretrosexual, Robin Ince's Book Club, The World's Most Futile Journey, Animal Crackers, Dave McKean, Family, Our Country's Good, Simon Callow: A Festival Dickens, Yasser, Absolution, The Aluminium Show, Arthur Smith's ARTURART 2008, Cannibal! The Musical, High School Musical, Mr IMPOSSIBLE: Philippe Starck, The New Electric Ballroom, Scaramouche Jones, Tim Minchin, Tracey Emin: 20 Years, Watson & Oliver, Are There More Of You?, Bale De Rua, Dizzee Rascal, Free Outgoing, The Honourable Men Of Art, Isy Suttie: The Suttie Show, James Sherwood: Songs Of Music, Mong Yeon (A Life In Dream), Shakers Re-Stirred, The Tailor Of Inverness, Antonio Forcione, Because It's There, Dorian Gray, Terminus, Who Writes This Crap?, Johnny Candon: One Careless Lady Owner, On The Waterfront, Tina C, Cadenza At The Fringe, The Poozies, Surviving Spike

20092009 (Spank's Pals only, but with preview by Spank)

Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe, Tom Wigglesworth, John Bishop, Shakespeare for Breakfast, Morecambe, The Rap Guide To Evolution, Pythonesque, Power Plant





2010 2010

Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange, Call Mr Robeson, Christ On A Bike: The Second Coming, Frisky and Mannish, Collings And Herrin Podcast Live, The Gospel At Colonus, It's Always Right Now Until It's Later, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, The Stand Late Show, Bridget Christie/A Ant, Celebrity Autobiography, John Bishop, Martin Rowson & Steve Bell, Bang Out Of Order, Kevin Eldon Is Titting About, Michael Fabbri, The Night Heron, Stewart Lee, Under Milk Wood, David, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Eels, Gutted: A Revenger's Musical, Andrew O'Neill, Caledonia, Fucking Funny For A Fiver, Hamlet The Musical, Memoirs Of A Biscuit Tin, North-South Divide, Rapconteur, Simon Donald Is Completely Hatstand, A Big Day For The Goldbergs, Idiots Of Ants, Jordan, Laughing Cows Comedy, Nash Ensemble, Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians, Simon Munnery, ...And The World Went Mad For Moomins!, Ivor's New Show, No Ticket Required, Time Warper, Pip Utton Is Charles Dickens, Bo Burnham, Simon Callow: Shakespeare the Man from Stratford, Smoke and Mirrors, Sorros Guitar Duo, Stripped, Rhythm Drum & Dance, Farm Boy, Free Comedy @ Laughing Horse, David Ferrard, Sub Rosa, Apples, How to Make a Million Before Lunch, Roy Hattersley, Roddy Doyle, The Sixteen, Capercaillie, Moishe's Bagel, Beautiful Burnout, You're Not Like the Other Girls Chrissy, Lockerbie - Unfinished Business, Nick Pynn, Breathing Corpses


Mark Thomas: Extreme Rambling, Rich Hall's Hoedown, David Leddy's Untitled Love Story, Evelyn Evelyn, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, The Stand Late Show, Ten Plagues, What Remains, Carl Sagan Is My God Oh And Richard Feynman Too, Free Jewish Comedy, Fringe Film Festival, Helen Keen's Spacetacular!, Oklahomaphobia!, Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians, Tony Bournemouth, Wireless Mystery Theatre Presents..., Andrew O'Neill, Bridget Christie, Much Ado About Nothing, The North Sea Scrolls, Political Animal, Saving Seatown, You Once Said Yes, Jon Ronson, Pot Of Dreams, Skittles, The Table, Tenchi Shinmei, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Dave Fulton, Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation, Last Orders, Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, Simon Munnery, Bail Out, I Take Bribes, Phill Jupitus, Pointless Anger Righteous Ire 2: Back In The Habit, Richard Sandling's Perfect Movie, Between The Lines 2011, Caruso And The Monkey House Trial, Snap. Catch. Slam., The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, Jus' Like That, Tony Cragg, Robert Rauschenberg, Translunar Paradise, Russell Kane, Stories For The Starlit Sky, Fresher! The Musical, The Pajama Men, Futureproof, Fascinating Aida's Cheap Flights, Allotment, Soy de Cuba, The Jive Aces, The Dark Philosophers, I Malvolio, Rose, Roy Hattersley, Carol Ann Duffy, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Agamemnon, Dust, A Funny Valentine, Andy Parsons, Bob Downe

20122012 (Spank's Pals only, but with preview by Spank)

Daniel Kitson, Mark Thomas: Bravo Figaro!, Platero Y Yo, Carl-Einar Hackner, Thread, Educating Ronnie, Innerleithen Music Festival, Books Borders and Bikes, Cleveland Orchestra, Sweet Talking Guy, Tubular Bells for Two, Maurice’s Jubilee, Shakespeare for Breakfast, Chris Mullin, Simon Armitage, Guy Masterson: The Half, La Clique






David Baddiel - Fame: Not The Musical, Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians XVII, La Belle Et La Bete, Breaking News, Bruce Fummey, The Events, Fan Fiction Comedy, The Horne Section, Making News, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Phill Jupitus Is Porky The Poet, Banksy: The Room In The Elephant, Head Over Heels In Saudi Arabia, Metamorphosis, Michael Fabbri: Buffering, Stephen Carlin: Gambling Man, Scroobius Pip: Words, Wil Hodgson: Leave The Landing Light On, Alexei Sayle, Barry's Audio Tour Of The Fringe, Nate Silver, The Poet Speaks, Stewart Lee: Much A-Stew About Nothing, Tony Benn & Richard Holloway: Two Old Gits, Cadre, Clean, Marcel Lucont's Cabaret Fantastique, Nicola Boud, Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, Richard Herring: We're All Going To Die!, Adam Hills: Happyism, Drum Struck, Ian Fraser & Ray Perman, Long Live The Little Knife, Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers, Rick Wakeman, Rubberbandits, Transmitted Live: Nam June Paik Resounds, Brendon Burns & Colt Cabana, Bridget Christie: A Bic For Her, Devon Sproule, I’m With The Band, We Will Be Free!, Zapp And Dembina: Comedy After Lunch, More Than A Game, La Clique, Churchill, Credible Likeable Superstar Rolemodel, Julie Madly Deeply, Mellor and Steele, The Shawshank Redemption, Eric and Little Ern, Peter Doig: No Foreign Lands


Bloody Trams, Robert Newman's New Theory Of Evolution, Andrew O'Neill: Mindspiders, Danny Bhoy, James III: The True Mirror, Mark Watson's Comedywealth Games, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, This Is Brasil, Janis Joplin: Full Tilt, Katsura Sunshine, Larkin About, Robin Ince's Blooming Buzzing Confusion, Set List, Stuart Kelly On Moby Dick, Totally Ninja Close-Up Magic Show, All Back To Bowie's, Andrew O'Neill's History Of Heavy Metal, Chef, Free Gaza!, Thrill Me, Alun Cochrane: (Me Neither), The God That Comes, Lyn Gardner On The Art Of Critical Writing, Rubberbandits: Continental Fistfight, Sara Pascoe Vs History, Taekwon Percussion Performance: BIGABI, Bridget Christie: An Ungrateful Woman, The Day The Pope Emptied Croy, The Festival Wheel, John Bishop: Work In Progress, John Byrne: Sitting Ducks, Karen McCombie & Catherine Wilkins, Otway, Richard Herring: Lord Of The Dance Settee, Stewart Lee: A Room With A Stew, When It Rains, Anthem For A Doomed Youth, Cuckooed, Ute Lemper, Applied Mathematics: Spoken Word For Geeks, Off The Top, The Warriors: A Love Story, Danny Bhoy: 12 Nights 12 Charities, Tim Vine, Janis Joplin: Full Tilt, An Extraordinary Light, Protest: The Rhetoric of Resistance, John Muir: Rhapsody in Green, Private Peaceful, Spoiling, The Trial of Jane Fonda, And This is My Friend Mr Laurel, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, The Poozies, Shakespeare for Breakfast, Early Doors, James II: Day of the Innocents, The Silence of Snow, Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen Volume Two, Colin Cloud, Bianco, Umbilical Brothers, Small War

20152015 (Spank's Pals only, but with preview by Spank)

Marcus Brigstocke: Why The Long Face?, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Sofie Hagen: Bubblewrap, Spillikin - A Love Story, Michael Legge: Tell It Like It Is Steve, Boris: World King, Jenny Bede: Don't Look At Me, After We Danced, The Solid Life of Sugar Water, The Christians, Fully Committed, Down and Out in Paris and London, Raz, The Amazing World Of MC Escher


Burnistoun Live At The Fringe, The Edinburgh Tattoo, Music At The Cowshed, Doug Anthony All Stars, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Project Flavour Behaviour, Radio Active, The Marvellous Adventures Of Mary Seacole, Olaf Falafel And The Cheese Of Truth, Peter Buckley-Hill's Not-So-Classic Album Tour, Susan Morrison: Walking Dead Famous & Funny, Young Fathers, Andreas Ottensamer & Kelemen Quartet, Erwin James, Holes, Macbeth, Mouse - The Persistence Of An Unlikely Thought, 24 Hours With Mary Lynn Rajskub, The Castle Builder, The Glass Menagerie, Greater Belfast, Andy Zaltzman: Plan Z, Bridget Christie: Mortal, Dumb White Guy With Brendon Burns, Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians: The Final Aardvark, Stewart Lee: Content Provider, Alexis Dubus Verses The World, Daniel Kitson Presents An Insufficient Number Of Undeveloped Ideas Over Ninety Testing Minutes Starting At Noon, How Cybercrime Benefits Society, Mark Watson's Edinborolympics, UTO, Rory Bremner, Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play, Sweet Child Of Mine, Garrett Millerick: The Dreams Stuff Is Made Of, Dublin Oldschool, Glasgow Girls, St Matthew Passion, Bach Ensemble of Edinburgh, Pilgrimer, Adam Kay: The Remains of Tom Lehrer, Shakespeare for Breakfast, Dr Phil’s NHS Revolution


Had We Never, Limmy: That's Your Lot, Blak Whyte Gray, Mr Scruff On The Fringe, ONE: The Man Chosen By The Spirit Of The Japanese Drum Vol 2, Roger McGough & Chris Riddell, She And Her Cat: Eddies In The Ebb And Flow, Al Murray: The Pub Landlord's Saloon, Barney's Brewery Tours, Marcel Lucont's Whine List, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Under The Influence: 90s Britpop, The Best Of Daphne, Henry Marsh, The Metaphoric Table, Richard Herring: Oh Frig I'm 50, Simon Munnery: Renegade Plumber, Andrew O'Neill's Black Magick Fun Hour, Dad's Army Radio Hour, Iestyn Davies Sings Bach 1, Political Animal, Room 29, Baba Brinkman's Rap Guide To Consciousness, Ben van der Velde: Sidekick, An Evening With An Immigrant, Michael Legge: Jerk, Sara Pascoe, Brendon Burns & Craig Quartermaine: Race Off, George Egg: DIY Chef, The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign, The Paper Cinema's Macbeth, Queens Of The Blues, Will Seaward's Spooky Midnight Ghost Stories IV, Phill Jupitus Is Porky The Poet In Survivalve, Richard English & Mark Muller Stuart, Vintage Mobile Cinema, Jan Ravens, Sophie Willian: Branded, A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad), Siren, The Chess Player, Séance


20182018 (Spank's Pals only, but with preview by Spank)

Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Jim Tavare: From Deadpan To Bedpan, Jo Caulfield: Killing Time, The Canterville Ghost, Orlando, The Marilyn Conspiracy, Lou Sanders: Shame Pig, Simon Evans: Genius 2, Gothic Tales And Dark Poetry, Conor Clarke McGrath: Stalagmite, Kate Mosse, Philip Reeve, Louis de Bernieres


John Robertson: The Dark Room, Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians XX, Bristol Improv Presents: Dynamite!, Daniel Kitson: Shenanigan, Guys Dolls And Pies, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Roger McGough, Andy Smart: 40 Years At The Edinburgh Fringe, Eddie Izzard: Expectations Of Great Expectations, Greg Proops: The Smartest Man In The World, Nearly Human, Tracey Thorn, Bridget Riley, Mark Watson: I Appreciate You Coming To This And Let's Hope For The Best (Work In Progress), Musik, Russell T Davies, Simon Munnery: Alan Parker Urban Warrior Farewell Tour, Attila The Stockbroker, Chaika: First Woman In Space, London Symphony Orchestra, Shaving The Dead, Art Blakey's Centennial, Baba Brinkman's Rap Guide To Culture, Bach's Multiple Concertos, Desiree Burch: Desiree's Coming Early!, Phil Ellis: Au Revoir, The Scott Walker Songbook, Attila The Stockbroker's Early Music Show, Crocodile Fever, Jerry Sadowitz: Comedian Magician Psychopath 2019, Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet, Matt Forde: Brexit Pursued By A Bear, Philip Glass: Minimalism At The Organ, Frank Skinner, Will Gompertz: Double Art History, The Shark is Broken, Before I Forget I Love You I Love You

20202020 (plus a pandemically-inspired preview)

My Light Shines On, Contemporary Political Ethics (Or, How To Cheat), Luke Wright: The Boxing Baroness, It's The Fireworks Talking, Labels, Mieko Kawakani, Search Party, Comics Solving Problems, Colin Currie And Friends, Joshua Wong, A Young Man Dressed As A Gorilla Dressed As An Old Man Sits Rocking In A Rocking Chair For Fifty-Six Minutes And Then Leaves 12, Magallanes.0, AJ Bell Fringe On Friday, Comedy Central Best Of The Fringe, The Complete Works Of Shakespeare But Just The Deaths* (*and the gory bits too), Saturday Night Live At The Stand, Mr Scruff Live At The Fringe, Fred Macaulay In Conversation, Space Cadette, Greatest Late & Live, Doomsdays, Stories & Scran, Attila The Stockbroker: Bellocose


Best Of Scottish Comedy, Mad God, The Deer King, Jeanette Winterson, Ray Harryhausen: Titan Of Cinema, The Unthanks, Archie Brennan: Tapestry Goes Pop!, Black Country New Road, Gerald Finley & Julius Drake, No More Jockeys, Peter Buckley Hill And Some Comedians XXI, Two Cents Worth Of Hope, Funny Place For A Window, Stories In The Stone, Trevor Lock: Community Circle, A Toast To The People: Inua Ellams & Saul Williams, Your Tomorrow, Shortcuts - Views From The Four Nations, Faceless, Songs From Scotland, A Young Man Dressed As A Gorilla Dressed As An Old Man Sits Rocking In A Rocking Chair For 56 Minutes And Then Leaves 13, Black Box: Interconnections, Pauline's Song Swap-O-Rama, Polly Barton & Eley Williams, The Best Of The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Too Much Information?, Warren Ellis


After Yang, Josh Elton: Early Doors, Your Name, Arooj Aftab, Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe, Robert Blomfield: Student Of Light, Steve Brusatte and Thomas Halliday, 9 Circles, Liam Withnail: Hot Sauce, Luke Wright's Late Night Dance Floor Fillers (Poems), Paul Williams: In The Moonlight, Stewart Lee: Basic Lee, Alan Davie: Beginning Of A Far-Off World, Grace Petrie: Butch Ado About Nothing, Mark Nelson: "Comedian", Pavel Haas Quartet, Raphael - Magister Raffaello, Snort, Barbara Hepworth: Art & Life, D Ý R A, Dr Hammond's Covid Inquiry, Frankie Boyle: Lap Of Shame, The Katet vs John Williams, The Last Return, Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, Ian Rankin & Oliver Bullough, Jamali Maddix: King Crud, MC Hammersmith: 1 Man 8 Mile, Simon Munnery: Trials And Tribulations, Ghosts Masterclass, Possibly The Last Chance To See Susan Morrison, The Queens Cartoonists, Sophie Duker: Hag, The Stand Late Club, The Tiger Lillies: One Penny Opera, Jarvis Cocker, Lauren Pattison: It Is What It Is, Thank You Edinburgh, Mind Mangler, Shakespeare For Breakfast, Les Dawson: Flying High

20232023 (Spank's Pals only, but with preview by Spank)

The Duncan and Judy Murray Show, Kravitz, Cohen, Bernstein and Me, Funeral, Rob Auton, Wiesenthal, The Old Man and the Pool, Adults, Heart, Mervyn’s 30th Year Charity Gala, The Ice Hole: A Cardboard Comedy, Andy Parsons, Grayson Perry, The Grand Old Opera House Hotel

Also available in print:

Spank's Edinburgh Diaries Volume One: 1989-1999

Spank's Edinburgh Diaries Volume Two: 2001-2008

Spank's Edinburgh Diaries Volume Three: 2010-2019


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