Edinburgh Festival 1989-2018: An Index

A hair salon, Edinburgh, 2005. Do you see what they did there? I admit it, the Edinburgh Festival coverage on this site is all over the place - a combination of REPOST pages written for the old site and ported over to here, SPANK GOLD pages written years after the event, and pages that were actually blogged live from Edinburgh as they happened. Anyone just diving into the Edinburgh folder will probably have a hard time working out where to find stuff.

Until now!

What follows is a set of links to the writeups of all the Edinburgh Festivals I've attended since 1989, plus a couple where Spank's Pals went up without me. (Which means nowt for 1993, 1997 or 2000, so don't look for them.) For each year I've included a vaguely chronological list of all the shows that are mentioned in the entry by name. I'm now having a minor freakout at just how many shows that is, but that's not your problem.

The plan is to update this index after every Festival, so this page will mostly remain at the top of the Edinburgh folder. If that's how you got here in the first place, welcome: feel free to browse through the pages linked to below. And if you like the reviews, maybe you'd like to pay me some money to own them in book form? See bottom of page for links.

(Updated September 21st 2018 to include 2018 reviews)

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Edinburgh Festival 2018: Placeholder For Amusing Title

Yes, it's delightfully atmospheric, but *you* try flying a bloody helicopter in that.It's been about two weeks since the 2018 Edinburgh Festival finished, and as I have to keep reminding people, I wasn't there this year. I did, however, write a post a couple of months ago recommending some shows: and I made a separate visit to the city back in May with The Belated Birthday Girl, during which we succeeded in drinking some beer but failed to fly in a helicopter.

But - much like they've done since 2000 - Nick and Charmian stepped in during our gap year and organised the annual visit to the Festival for a bunch of the Pals. Here are some notes from them about what they liked. Thanks to them for that, and we'll meet you all back there in August 2019.

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Edinburgh Festival Preview 2018: We Will Deep Fry Your Kebab

No, no clues here, you'll have to look up the post title for yourselves.The rules are simple. If x is the number of a year after 1994, and (x+1)/3 is an integer, then x is a year when I'm not going to the Edinburgh Festival. Like this year, for example.

This doesn't stop Spank's Pals from going up there without me, of course. And so a secondary tradition has emerged over the decades: every three years, even though I have no intention of seeing any of the shows, I read through all of the Edinburgh programmes - International, Fringe and Book Festivals - and still come up with a list of possible recommendations.

They're primarily aimed at Nick and the crew going up there this year on August 11th–18th, so I'm not recommending anything outside of that week. But if the rest of you want to use these suggestions for your own purposes, feel free. All links go directly to the ticket booking pages for the shows, with one or two exceptions where appropriate. Here we go...

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Spank’s Edinburgh Diary, Postscript 2017

It's a bit late - after all, we came back from the 2017 Edinburgh Festival over four weeks ago - but here, finally, is a wee wrapup of what was good and bad this year, featuring contributions from a few of Spank's Pals.

(Not included: the Edinburgh Tattoo, because none of us saw it, although as usual you couldn't avoid the closing fireworks display if you were on Princes Street at the right time.)

(Also not included: the increasing look of despair on Roger McGough's face as he realised his Book Festival poetry reading was taking place at the same time as the fireworks down the road.)

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