London Film Festival 2019

Left: 1989 LFF programme, by Beryl Cook. Right: 2019 LFF programme, by DBLG. I miss curves.Daily updates now complete: final analysis to follow in The Wrap Party, coming soon.

Being a poet helps, apparently. Last August marked the 30th anniversary of my first visit to the Edinburgh Festival. As regular readers will know, I attempted to mark the anniversary by seeing how many of the acts I saw in 1989 could be revisited at the 2019 festival. The answer was five, possibly six: and interestingly, two of them - Attila The Stockbroker and Roger McGough - were poets. Which either says something about my artistic tastes over the last three decades, or about the longevity of poets.

This year also marks the thirtieth anniversary of my first ever London Film Festival. Sooo... how many of the people I saw at LFF 1989 will be at LFF 2019?

Right, that's the cliffhanger set up. Let's move on.

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London Film Festival 1989-2018: An Index

Because Films Inspire... some sort of hideous trainspotter impulse, apparentlyI started going to the London Film Festival in 1989, and I've been there every year since. Thanks to a combination of Spank Gold articles (after-the-fact writeups of the 1989-1997 festivals), reposts (pieces written for the old site between 1998 and 2005) and live blogging (since 2006), I've got a record of every single film I've seen at those Festivals.

Trying to pick your way through all of those is obviously going to be hellish, hence the index below. Similar to the equivalent index I've assembled for the Edinburgh Festival, each year links to the relevant piece on that particular LFF, including a roughly chronological list of what I saw (plus, of course, any additional films reviewed by Spank's Pals). As a bonus, you get a thumbnail-sized history of programme cover designs.

This will be updated each year after the LFF, so most of the time this page should be resident at the top of the LFF folder on the site. Have yourselves a good old browse through, and try not to think too hard about how much the tickets for all this lot have cost me over the last couple of decades.

[updated 07/11/2018 to include 2018 reviews]

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Spank's LFF Diary: The Wrap Party 2018

I saw 27 films at the 2018 London Film Festival, only four of which appear in this year's promo - see if you can spot them. (Useful hint if you get stuck: the clips are always lifted straight from the movie trailers.)

So which were the good ones and which were the bad ones? As ever, The Belated Birthday Girl and I have tried to work as independently as possible when writing our overviews, but inevitably you can expect some overlap. Ladies first, as usual.

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