Spank's LFF Diary: The Wrap Party 2017

Dear Clare. Liked the new postcards for 2017. Next year, can we have one that says CHUNDER too? Best wishes, Spank xAs noted elsewhere, I saw a total of 39 things at the 2017 London Film Festival. And using the now-infamous programme category system (this year commemorated with a set of free postcards), here's how they break down:

- Headline Galas: 1
- Flare Special Presentation: 1
- Official Competition: 1 (not the winner, that was Loveless)
- First Feature Competition: 1 (not the winner, that was The Wound)
- Documentary Competition: 1 (not the winner, that was Kingdom Of Us)
- Love: 3
- Debate: 1
- Laugh: 4
- Dare: 5
- Thrill: 5
- Cult: 3
- Journey: 6
- Create: 5
- Screen Talks: 1
- Uncategorised VR Events: 1

So, apparently, the sort of things I like best are "films to transport you and shift your perspective," a description so woolly they didn't even make a postcard for it. As for which individual films were the best and worst, I'll tell you that in a few paragraphs time. First up, though, here's The Belated Birthday Girl to tell you about what she liked. Including a spectacular video bonus!

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